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What’s New With POTU David, Author

Author Incognito

'When I write, lives change; when lives change our world changes.'

In 2022, I shall create POTU Initiation, which opens the door to personal power.  Financial empowerment begins.

P.O.T.U. Stands for 'Path of the Unlimited.'

Divine Source, will they dare see beyond limitation?

I have created this space to see what happens. My inspirations are about 'Life Navigation' designed to be an addendum and clarification to anyone's current spiritual beliefs.

Sometimes my writing is a commentary about what I see happening in our world.

I wonder...

Namaste' and Brightest of Blessings

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My Mission

The POTU Manifesto Is Comming

2022 is the year of clarity for me. I am working on creating an organization that begins with POTU Initiation, which opens the door for my DDTC Financial Empowerment Training.

Mission? Prevent my species from self-extinction through the financial empowerment of a new ruling class.

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


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