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My Personal Mantra considerations:
 'When I write lives change.'

'When I write our world changes.'

I am a man embracing the title, Author. I've written many things in various online forums that have inspired many to say 'Thank you!' and 'David, you need to publish this!'.  

Dear Universe, here I am, again, attempting to honor that call.  Can I extend my reach to help inspire others to see life differently, heal, become better, and change our world?  

P.O.T.U. stands for 'Path of the Unlimited.'

Divine Source, will they dare see beyond limitation?

I have created this space to see what happens. My inspirations are about 'Life Navigation' designed to be an addendum and clarification to anyone's current spiritual beliefs.

Sometimes my writing is a commentary about what I see happening in our world.

I wonder...

Namaste' and Brightest of Blessings


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Yet to Be Determined

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"



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