Divorce Insights for Sanity, Insanity, DV/Abuse and more - POTU

I need to write a book or two containing several separate chapters on this topic, including how to assess if a relationship/marriage can be saved, The DV/Abuse section requires it's own book. I am writing this in the middle of the COVID-19 epidemic. My career in IT means I am 'essential.' Ah...imagine being a writer forced to be paid to be quarantined at home! No such luck. I am honored to have meaningful work that serves all the agencies of the State that I live in. Many peo

It Begins, October 28, 2019, Personal Log Entry 1

Don't read this Drivel. I am tempted to say 'Hello World' - the first line of code most computer programmers begin with. Fuck - Life is AMAZING, FUCK - Life sucks! Maybe that is a better title. I don't mind that word, we all use it, and it conveys the intention accurately with some amusement. This is my personal log, stardate XXXX; I sit here at a coffee shop frustrated as hell with life and living while at the same time being grateful too. I do not even know if I am satisfie