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Dear Ruling Classes - The New 'Corporate Citizen' - an Idea

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

We have a problem in our world that will never be solved unless a core foundational 'value', 'principle' and eventually 'law' is changed. It is a 'law' that needs to be changed otherwise corporations will be 'breaking the law' in order to become 'Honorable Corporate Citizens.' I really do not even believe there is a need to even fight over this.

Corporations have won. Checkmate. We surrender, You can pollute the world, destroy the world, buy children as sex slaves, drugs, traffic, start and stop wars, buy governments, laws, policies, circumvent just about anything, kill just about anyone at anytime and control the minds of masses of people through now documented mind control techniques that are published and it does not even matter.

You can indulge in any kind of criminal sexual, or power fetish including 'snuff' films. I would imagine you need a new challenge. Eventually the 'little people' will gang up on you and simply kill you all and your families, the Czar Revolution and the birth of Communism is an example of that; we are witnessing history repeating itself with a different flavor today; ridding ourselves of the uber-rich and powerful is how humanity has 'cleaned house' in the past to reset, there will be massacres, you will lie, cheat, bribe, torture and assassinate, great civilizations that should of grow and continued to achieve became dust over time. Greed, sex, power seems to be the undoing of all men and civilizations in time and women are not immune either and can actually be even more vicious and diabolical than men.

I have an idea for the billionaires and millionaires that I would like to share; this is for the movers and shakers, those who are paying for weapons of mass destruction to 'cull' the human herd to beat the little people to the punch of the next 'reset' they know is coming.

This idea won't overcome warped ideals of genetic or religious superiority nonsense; the whole 'supremacy' gig is a reptilian brain 'power' obsession thing that is nothing but a mental illness that is sad but comes from the structural violence when you do not create opportunities for people and humanity loses its vision. Humanity needs a vision that unites it. We have conquered the world, we are now fighting over the resources of the world which will not last forever; which means we are being fools. We are building walls? Seriously, my dear fellow human beings, I have a spiritual and religious message for you that science (which is not an evil thing,) and genetics has proven and you should not ignore.

Genetic purity is called inbreeding and it leads to disease and weakness, the exact opposite of everything and anything strong and superior. "God", aka "Creator", listen up, here is a piece of logic for you. If you can 'breed' with it; that is YOUR SPECIES, and you were DESIGNED BY GOD, to mate and breed with it; and if you want strength and genetic diversity which results in strength and survival of the species you have to stop this 'purity' master race stuff because it truly is total bullshit both by science and by any concept of religious/spiritual consideration of a creator.

Some 'master race' idiots tried to breed with apes during world war II, remember? The 'Nationalist' types, they wanted a stronger and dumber soldier, they had women volunteers. It DIDN'T WORK. Why? Different species. If you believe in 'God' and Creator, then your ability to breed or not breed is the test, not some idiots motivated religious motivations to support a warped political agenda.

It has been tried and done. Ok, so stop it. You folks had the Third Reich and it didn't work, and it isn't working in America. The Propaganda techniques worked, but at best 46% of the population, and really 32% to 36% and technology, education, and media are NOT your friends because unlike WWII Germany you do not have total mind control of media; and even then it didn't work, it just did not work.

So, what is a better challenge for you?


You've mastered that to a point where people are working and living in cars instead of homes and you do not even have to provide benefits. Seriously, well done you sly fuckers, holy shit, you bought both sides of the US Government and all of the things I've already mentioned. Well done, someone slipped up around pedophile island; but fuck, that is easily replaced and what you did to cover all that shit up over the last 20 years? Holy shit, seriously - it is funny how silly the little people are. Really the only thing they are good for is working, creating new discoveries you can buy up, and breeding cute little boys or girls for you to fuck, and well, blood transfusions so you can feel like a 20-year-old even when your older for the cost of a few hundred or thousand dollars a month, which is chump change when you make that in interest alone per minute.


Until this changes, our world is headed for extinction, we all know this, and deep down if you rich fuckers want to hide in a doomsday bunker to 'survive' what a fitting end to your greed and power, your own luxury jail cell instead of reclaiming an amazing and beautiful planet that will be destroyed by unnecessary wars over resources, water, pollutions, nuclear wars, and related psychopaths wanting to join the billionaire/trillionaire club.

A Corporations 1st Priority 'By Law' needs to be:

An honorable, sustainable, fair, reasonable, and just corporate citizen

A Corporations 2nd Priority 'By Law' needs to be:

Takes care of its staff, and employees so that they grow and thrive

A Corporations 3rd Priority 'By Law' needs to be:

Fiscally Responsible and Sustainable

A Corporations 4th Priority 'By Law' needs to be:

Stockholder Equity, Profits, ROI, etc. in alignment with their business objectives

Getting real:

There is a whole Solar System and Universe we could be exploring. If business and corporations are REQUIRED BY LAW to abide by these priorities (which they should be doing anyway) that is a new challenge and a new 'feather' in the cap of what we can call 'Justice Capitalists'; heroes and sheroes moving forward.

If we unburden people, startups, small businesses, and retirees/elderly and the disadvantaged with health care 'insurance' baloney, and we actually shift the focus to 'health-care and healing' instead of disease management for profits, economies of scale, efficiencies, and many things will shift in our world. Humanity will be able to afford to do things, volunteer for things, find purposes for people too. Many doors of possibilities.

People are not inherently lazy, and if someone is, that's ok too we will always have our con-artists, and thieves and criminals; but we do not have to design our entire lives obsessed with those few we just deal with them as we need to. Right now we are a bit 'nuts' about law and order with the 'little people' and outlandishly permissive of the wealthy and powerful. It is not only unfair but creepy.

When 'profit' is the legal requirement, corporations make short term decisions that have long term consequences - for when they are no longer in existence that 'the public' has to deal with - which includes cleaning up toxic dumps and worse. We have project planning, we have life cycle planning, all of that 'cheating' is unnecessary and if a business can't function 'honorably' without fucking the public, it should not exist, if it cannot function without fucking its employees, it should not exist, all of this can be included in the business planning process.

This is where government grants and subsidies should be going.

All I am asking for and proposing is Businesses and Corporations become GOOD CITIZENS instead of evil ones, and profit motive alone as we have seen in the prison industry, and the disease management industry (Health Care & Insurance) - become evil over time. You live here too, even if you are a Billionaire. This is the greatest, next challenge for our Species



We, humanity need your stewardship, vision, and leadership

- POTU David, Author

11/22/2019 - Insight update; I am inspired to drop Bernie Sanders a note after I watched a V-Cast interview with Joe Rogan after a young person's V-Cast by 'BrainLet' entitled 'The DNC is Scared' that showed up, both on YouTube. My authoring work here is for everyone regardless of political ideology. This blog post provides a root cause analysis and outlines a solution to a key talking point that all political candidates talk about, but nobody has yet to understand, let alone speak to the foundational problem.

While I was composing a note to Senator Sanders, some clarity about this came to me regarding this problem.

Corporations were created as an 'entity' to function on behalf of human beings for business purposes to last longer than a human life span, to provide liability and sometimes function as a shield of anonymity, an ability for investment and all sorts of interesting and good things with some default assumptions that over time have proven that unregulated do not trend to betterment of the 'common good' or 'welfare' of human beings or citizens.


We have reached a point of history where we have given a non-human legal entity 'rights' as a human citizen in our governance for which they have 'bought' and abuse. Nobody is arguing this, 'it is known.' We have entered the age of the Corporate Citizen, which has evolved from the Corporation as an entity.

What is missing is we have not defined what it means to be a Good Corporate Citizen other than to 'make money' for its shareholders. That is this 'Citizens' ONLY, worse it is THE legal requirement. It is not required to be honorable, or have ethics, or any number of things we 'human beings' are held accountable to. Worse, the 'human beings' who own, operate and make decisions within a Corporate Citizen's entity are almost always totally shielded from any accountability from crimes that would result in a human citizen being put in jail and having our lives dissolved and reset.

The 'Corporate Entity', not 'Corporate Citizen' needs an updated Legal Definition of what it is to be a Good Corporate Citizen in order to be allowed to exist as an entity that serves - the common good and welfare of humanity. This is a function of our Constitutional Principles and is common sense. We would not allow or create an entity that harms or destroys us, would we? Yet, we have done exactly that.

As part of Corporate Citizenship, we need 'pass through' legal and criminal responsibility for the action and inactions of the Corporate Citizen to bring criminal and civil accountability to the decision-makers of the Corporate Citizen without it being muddied waters legally. A CEO and Board of Directors, as well as Executive Management, should be criminally liable for crimes committed by their Corporate Citizen in violation of updated 'Good Corporate Citizen' Charter Requirements.

This is what is missing. We have a new Citizenship Class that has new rights, but no responsibilities of citizenship. It has legal rights to bribery under the guise of free speech as a very simple and deeply troubling example that needs to be fixed.

Until this Legal Charter for 'Corporate Citizenship' is updated and repaired, the Corporate Entity Legal Charters we currently have are creating entities that have no definition of Good Citizenship or Stewardship. That needs to change, the sooner, the better for all of us 'Human Citizens.'

This should be a politically bi-partisan issue. Anyone, fighting this, is, in my opinion, has a serious mental illness that needs to be diagnosed. Sadly, I think we have money and power hoarders that go undiagnosed with addictions related to an obsession which we are witnessing are the 'root of all evil' as we know it in the modern world.

#berniesanders, #aoc

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