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Divine Purpose - Sharing a Miracle - Quick Authoring Update Too

I wanted to share a little Miracle. I've been deep-diving into writing 'Rule of 3' and 'P.O.T.U.' and 'The 5 Part Divinity and Truth Filter'.

I found all of my writings over the last 20 years, organized and reviewed them and I want to just rewrite them all from scratch. (laugh-ish) I have so many things to share from real-life experiences I can get lost in remembering. When I am on Facebook I come across people around the world dealing with 'life' or what I call 'the shit' and I have a little 'book' or navigational story for that, that I haven't published yet. It grieves me at times. I'll usually write a quick little triage reply, or drop a pm, and copy the note to a private Google DOC that I probably will never look at again - laugh.

I think I have a new dream. I would be to win the big lotto or similar windfall and hire a Ghost Writer to go through my stuff and work with me on publishing it so I don't have to. I think of my beloved dog Mia, she's gone, but when we went for walks, she'd squat, shit, and never, ever look back. There is a lesson there. (laugh!) I miss her, she was my 'other woman', that is how I referred to her. (She was before Diana, so - calm down! and don't get weird on me either, not like that!) She was a good friend and companion; but I always marveled at how she'd squat, shit and never even glance back, ever. I should make a meme about that 'Squat, Shit, Move-On', hum, maybe she was a Politician (sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

I realize that I used a principle from within one of the books I am writing. I've been doing this stuff for so long I sometimes do not even realize I am doing it, but I caught myself doing it yesterday.


I had a payroll issue where they needed to reclaim some money. (laugh); not a huge deal, but not a positive. I proposed some options all of which were rejected.

I felt discouraged, then paused and asked myself. "Ok, What is the Divine Purpose of this? How is this serving me?" I sat with that a bit. My next e-mail was from the executive that heads the HR department that runs Payroll launching a 'Kindness' campaign. I chuckled. Ok, the Universe has a sense of humor.

I sent an e-mail to the executive outlining the 'unkind' way a situation was being handled, but I shared my pause and self-questioning. Literally, within 3 minutes (three is a magical number for me), the unkind person handling this proposed a solution that solved the problem and opened the door to an unexpected rather significant financial blessing totally reversing the financial annoyance.

"Ok, Universe, you made your point!" I chuckled again, said thank you! I then shared the little miracle with the Executive, who wrote back almost immediately who also appreciated being let in on this positive experience as it was transpiring, made a connect too.

I was tempted to 'engage' and 'attack'; and instead, I paused, and asked a better question and let it sit a bit, I paused. Logic and my primal 'reptilian' brain were fully activated. I'm a dude too. (laugh), 'fight' is sorta the first instinct.

Not an earth-shattering miracle but I definitely and clearly got a wink and a nod from the Universe. I tuned into the gratitude, and am running with it, and honoring it.

Part of me thinks that so much actually flows all the time, we do not even notice our blessing some times. We are like living in a sea of grass and weeds pop up in our lives screaming for our attention.

I plucked that weed yesterday as said 'Humm, I wonder how you are going to serve me?'


POTU David, Author

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