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Getting Organized (Getting Shit Together) - Log Post 3

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Ah, FINALLY, not only did I get my projects migrated from Windows...ok, the journey was Windows PC to Google Drive to Mac Air (+iCloud). I reviewed all projects, most of which required updating to the new version.

Scrivener is my writing editor of choice, and it is cross-platform compatible. I wish they would create a cloud platform, but I am sure, eventually, they will — a decade or two of projects reclaimed and consolidated.

A kewl feature is my ability to take a section and send it to another open project. Way back 'in-the-day,' that was copy-paste headache. I've been procrastinating doing this for a long time.

I've been fighting with my blood sugar all day. Nothing major, just not where I want it to be. Cleaned up some banking, e-mails, and just anything and everything to avoid why I am here at a coffee shop. Not sure why we humans do that.

I love writing, and I enjoy creating posts and memes, the moment my brain sniffs out that I am working on something for 'business' it wants to do anything other than that.

My ass hurts; Starbucks chairs are not designed for long term work, but I rebel and work anyway. I tried inviting a friend to meet-up, and they were unresponsive.

I have an idea that comes from 'Agile' project management. I wonder if I could frame a book, complete it enough to be of value, and then improve it as part of a deployment process? I'm not sure if that would work as part of a process.

The projects could become - user engaged books whereby my audience lets me know what they are struggling with under the topics/heading of the book, and I add a chapter or expand upon insights that fit with the book....thinking, thinking, thinking.


The fear is to publish it, and nothing happens, which is what usually happens with initial works.

The spiritual side is 'create it, and they will come!'

But what happens if I create it and nobody comes? How does that fuck with my brain and sense of spirituality. Me? It doesn't matter that ship has come and gone many times during my life.

I have a three-ring binder with a printed draft of a book I wrote about Betrayal. It's pretty good but needs to be edited. Sadly, there isn't a 'Grammarly' interface with Scrivener (yes, I asked them to consider that as a feature request?!). Maybe, I can procrastinate more waiting for that to happen!!!

What I will do is, copy into Scrivener, let AI help me fix it according to my goals (love that feature!), then bring it back into Scrivener. This posting, for example, I am writing in Grammarly, and I'll post it to the blog when I am done.

If you were to read my stuff from 20 years ago, you'd be OMG what a horrible writer, but what AWESOME information. I've evolved since then.

It is time to stop, drive home. I should probably explain that I drove about 40 minutes from my home instead of going to any number of coffee shops nearby. I was creating space for that friend to visit.

I'm on Keto; it is working, and I have an idea for lasagna. It is funny to misspell words so badly that Grammarly can't figure it out. Google usually rescues me in such situations.

Dragon Naturally Speaking - I own a license but never got into it; I think when it becomes an adaptive AI with Grammarly, where AI and my author together, that will be kewl. Until then, typing has a particular flow and magic for me.

I'm glad I have a 'day job' that pays the bills;; otherwise, I'd be a starving artist. I've always been willing to work, and I am blessed to have a career job that doesn't fry my brain.

I've have had a variety of miracles lately. I had a big one I just realized regarding my Diabetes. I perhaps should write a simplified approach to manifest (laugh!)

I was supposed to get a crown today; I've been putting off the work all year. It's $270 my portion. Not bad, but not great. I also want to replace old silver fillings from when I was a kid. Many reasons for wanting to do that. My dentist decided I actually didn't need a crown and did fillings instead, which included replacing the old stuff.

She even used real nitrous oxide this time around. My cost today ten bucks. First dentist since I've been a kid willing to use nitrous, and it is covered under my insurance. I can't say it makes getting dental work 'fun,' but it does make it enjoyable, plus you don't care about the work being done, and everything is funny.

Yea, dental staff 'know' the joys of nitrous, the wry grins when you ask for it, the knowing smiles. Gotta, love humans.

Today was a day of flow, more miracles showing up. Life is good.

Now that I have my shit together, the decision is:

a) Do I work through existing work

b) Take a topic, and create from the latest and greatest from scratch?

I'm probably going to do 'B' and use the previous works as inspiration.

Artists of any type, which can include coders, get into a 'zone,' where they tap into something that just starts to flow.

Being in the zone has been coming back to me. It seemed to have gone away for a while. Maybe it was because I went through a period of 'FU' Universe for my sense of being betrayed.

You haven't had an authentic conversation with 'god' by whatever name you align with until you tell your diety to go F itself. I've helped many a lost soul reconnect with their concepts with that insight.

Diety has 'broad shoulders,' and oddly, that is the only safe place for you to take your anger, fears, frustrations, and sometimes rage.

If you don't find the right place for that stuff, you'll take it home where your pets, kids, spouse/partner, and loves ones will receive what belongs to the Divine.

That idea alone is transformative in practice. I really do need to set up a Patreon, or better publish a few crypto-currency addresses.

I've created things that have saved marriages, businesses, lives, and simple transformations all during my life. The legal fee's I've helped people save alone by teaching my principles if they shared half what they were willing to pay in retainer fees would have made me a very wealthy man! (laugh)

Me? I know my numbers. I want about 20 million net so that Diana and I can buy out our 'life work contracts'; and live the lifestyles we'd prefer. It would also empower us to focus more on being of service with our talents.

Even with a windfall at that level, writing is the next evolution, that and teaching. I've been saying 'no' to the Universe for decades. The last time I said 'ok, yes,' I got my ass kicked, and it pissed me off and messed up my trust and relationship with Divine Source.

Time will tell.

I'm off :) The day is done, and life is good.

- POTU David, Author

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