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Billionaire? Where is your stewardship?

Stewardship is the word that comes to mind. I know it is easy to judge, and yet I know enough about money, accounting, and history to know billions create with the maneuvering of mass aspects of the public resources.

Wealth does seem to come from the theft of something from someone. Government contracts paid for from the taxes of the masses that profit the few and privileged. The land was taken from cultures that did not even have a concept of understanding of land ownership that was taken by force and given to others for 'free' to turn into 'production' which lead to paying 'taxes.' Anyone care to go 'A Viking?'

Lies, fraud, backroom deals, political favors, murder, and extortion - no, we gloss over the history of riches and power. Labor paid slave wages, hell the USA has 'massacres where an armored car with a machine gun killed striking men, women, and children. The company 'hired' wasn't prosecuted, nor the man who did the hiring for mass murder.

We take from the Earth and leave smoldering holes of toxic waste after we extract the 'profits' for future generations to clean up at their expense. We have conquered entire countries and setup train systems to remove trainloads of wealth out of those countries while leaving the people broken and in poverty. This wealth 'builds' modern societies for the enslavement of the general populations of those societies while a select few live in vast wealth and opulence.

The methods have changed and become more refined over the centuries; however, the principles are the same. 'Patrons' still invest and own the inventions and corporations of the productive, which creates some opportunity for a lucky few. The world is and has always been a 'shark tank.'

You are either predator or prey; that is what the affluent and influential teach their children from birth to perpetuate their rule. You should learn about the upbringing of the young 'Donald Trump' and ask yourself if that is the world that you want to preserve? "The Cult of Trump" by Steven Hassan.


I took a tour of 'Lone Fir Cemetary' in Portland, Oregon, USA, a fantastic tour with incredible history. I will not spoil the experience for you.

Dr. Hawthorne, the history Aslelyem Boulevard that became 'Hawthorne Boulevard. There is a monument to this great man who had an idea that is needed today more than ever. It is an idea that could solve the 'crisis at the US Border' and the borders around the world that deal with refugees seeking 'Aslelyem.'

It is what would solve our homeless issues anywhere in the world. In fact, I am confident Dr. Hawthorne's approach to what he did with Aslelyem Boulevard would transform our world. It is what I would model if I were a 'Billionaire.'


America has so many projects and needs. We are spending 'billions' to build a fucking wall (well, we are not building a wall, we are repairing an existing disaster of a wall.) How stupid is that? I thought America was a country of vision.

Where are our 'Billionaire' Leaders? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND? Whining they may be taxed? What a bunch of losers, seriously. They are empowered to solve real problems, and they have no loyalty to the country or world, which has given them so much. Do you know who a leader is? Jimmy Carter, there is a man living stewardship and contribution. The rest are embarrassments. They are not even solving the problems of their own home town. Yea, tax the fuck out of them. The 'Greatest Generation' taxed them to the tune of 90+% and got shit done.

We trusted them, we allowed them to buy the Government, and what have they done with their power? They became fearful little hoarders and friends of Epstein. Power, Greed, Sex, you'd think at some point they would want to make a difference. Nope, nada.


Provide 'Asylum,' which is separate from immigration. Create "Hope City USA," at our borders, isolate 'refugees' from our culture for security purposes.

Dr. Hawthorn provided 'for free' a place for anyone to come and 'rest,' and when they were ready, they were provided meaningful 'work,' and when they were prepared, they could return home, or they could stay. Some made life at the Hawthorn Asylum and were guaranteed an honorable burial at 'Lone Fir Cemetary'. People from around the world came to study Dr. Hawthorn's work with the mental illness that was rampant with survivors of the 'Oregon Trail' journey where 50% or more of friends and family didn't make it.

Imagine if we used current project planning to create a system of rest, care, screening, training to help people learn the skills to go home and 'rebuild their country' as a friend to the USA and the modern civilized world? What if the 'meaningful' work was when they were ready, they learned those skills building 'Hope City?' or Similiar city projects around the world?

People need more than just food, shelter, and health care. They need purpose. These people come to the USA, and they have been traumatized, they need 'refuge' and 'asylum.' They simply need rest. Immigration to the USA is only one option, and it is sad to me that we are not creation options to help people rebuild their own cultures. Why are we not exporting democracy?


What is wrong with 'A World Government?' if culture and freedoms are maintained, but abuse and corruption rooted out? I know, the Christians would freak out. Can we create a new vision for humanity? I don't think we are ready for it.

The USA should have done this after WWII, instead of setting the stage for ongoing wars for profits for which a powerful few would be the puppet masters. That reign appears to be coming to an end, but will humanity survive it? The old model that rewards narcissistic sociopaths with the predator/prey indoctrinations still rule, and they have apocalyptic weapons, including nuclear weapons.

Billionaires seem to be investing in post-Apocolypse survival instead of leading humanity into a new vision. Most of humanity must appear like cattle to them, dumb, stupid, and our only value is labor, which is quickly being replaced by AI and robotics. Then there are the pretty ones for sex and perversions, beyond that - the Billionaire Class does not seem to be a very moral group with any mission of stewardship. They can buy wars, they can buy 'anything,' murder, subversion, loyalty.

The more impoverished the world is, the more 'anything' is available for sale. Power seems to be the ultimate drug. We've allowed them to come into existence yet again; history proves this always seems to lead to war and death over resources to perpetuate their wanting, building, and securing 'more.'

I do not begrudge them being human beings; they are behaving like human beings behave. America was at its best when extreme affluence was taxed heavily, and the affluent were still affluent and influential. We regular working citizens have been checkmated financially. Law has been manipulated by those with the money to wield it into a tool of abuse by our Government and by those who can afford to use it. AI may return law and justice to the benefit to all and the ordinary person, but that revolution has not happened yet.

You and I are the prey, my fellow citizens, we all are. This system of predator and prey needs to end if we are to survive as a species (in my opinion.)

Looking back over my life...I refused to become a predator. Some people may argue that (laugh), but looking back, I've stood my ground rather than being prey. Still, I have refused to be a predator though it would have made me a lot of money on many occasions.

I was trained to be a narcissist. I've read all the success books. Sociopathy is part of it. I just couldn't quite cross that line. It is always required, but that is the predominant pattern I have witnessed. It isn't all bad either; I've just reached a point where when I think of 'The Golden Rule' and all the times I was fucked because of my own ignorance, I just can't do that to someone else.

America has debts it may never repay, but what it can do is re-invent itself whereby it is a better place and lifestyle for everyone that lives on this land, and it can clean the 'shit up' of the industrial era that raped and pillaged the land for short-sighted profits, and we can stop being stupid. Oh, and those who made 'generational profits' can help pay for fixing all of that bullshit. That would be smart and 'right' thing to do.


We could work with the world on a 'GLOBAL DEFENSIVE' system to stop all aggression. Then we human beings can systematically disarm. We have the technology to do this.

We need to start looking at 'space' and our existence beyond our own individual borders. The USA has lost its vision, we have lied about our personal history, and we have dishonored ourselves repeatedly. The Republican constituents are correct; we are are not taking care of our own, but their elected leaders are lying to them, and 'Establishment' Democrats are weak corporate/donor owned lapdogs compared to the 'Strong' Republican 'Establishment' corporate-owned 'tough' Pitbulls. It is evident, contrived, and it is the billionaires that have created this. Worse, it is foreign billionaire interests that have taken hold of and influencing the power of America as a country.

We have problems, and our 'Billionaires' are not leading us, they are not being good stewards, and there is so much they could be doing, but they are not.

Me? I'd start with Dr. Hawthorn's Model and create Sustainable cities of 'Hope.' It is what our 'Government' should be doing, and it is what any of these 'Billionaires could be doing.

Instead, Billionaires are buying media and playing games with power and propaganda related to governments, and I am tired of the US Government available for sale.

Historically it has taken torches, pitchforks, and scythes to dethrone the 'ruling classes.' I am not advocating violence here, I am just pointing out to recurring history. I believe humanity can do better.

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