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My New Keto Cookbook, Love of Bookstores, Demons & Muttering

Barnes and Nobel - so I stopped by to pick up a book I ordered. "Keto Life" by the "Headbanger Kitchen" dude: Sahil Makhija, my favorite YouTube inspiration for keto. I generally listen to him at 1.5x speed. His ideas are fantastic. 'Keto Connect' is another channel I enjoy.

He published a book, I had to buy it. I've been blessed and inspired by this young man. It is full of pictures, very well done, awe-inspiring!

I miss "Borders," I haven't been to a bookstore like this in years. I walked inside and was overwhelmed. I felt like I entered a holy cathedral or something.

I browsed around a bit, wipe away a tear or two remember when I'd spend hours browsing and exploring books at Borders (ok, spending the day along with my laptop.) That was my coffee shop for many years. I spent thousands of dollars there on IT, business, spiritual, and related books.

Today, I wandered around and saw some old favorites, smiled.

Looking through the business and motivation sections, I just shook my head. Nothing there resonated.

It was a beautiful store at the Bridgeport Mall in Oregon. It felt familiar but wasn't. Part of me wants to go back and spend a day there and explore everything. I thought of Portland being so close.

I pondered my three decades of life and living there; many dreams pursued, some achieved, many broken, and a few outright murdered. I am not sure how else to describe it. I learned a lot; laughed, cheered, triumphed, agonized, cried, wailed, fell broken, and though I didn't quite die, there were a few times I almost did not make it. So many emotions hit me in that book store.

I thought of my plans and dreams when I was in college. There was no lack of ambition. Then I received my first curveball from real life. I didn't complain; I dealt with it. Thinking back, I oddly risked my life, solved an immediate problem, and never looked back. I later called this process 'falling forward.' Before there was DYI, there was me. (Laugh) Random thoughts. I thought of a satire I came across written about me, whereby I was a 'monster' in the story. Was I? Had I become one?

It is odd the self-reflections that hit you in an instant. I remembered solving problems, going to the book store, buying a book, reading, going to the library, researching, addressing the issues presented. Oddly, that began when I was 14 or was it 10? Many things shaped the man who was standing there with tears welling up at Barnes and Nobel.

I chuckled, nobody knows any of it; some highlights, but not the process of being ignorant and dealing with life from principles because I had no mentors or guides. Religions failed me early, I began questioning things at age six. I went along for the ride, but I knew what I knew. I always thought everyone else in the world felt, reasoned, made decisions, and approached life as I did. At age 55, I really do have to face the fact I have been totally and utterly wrong about that!

I thought of an intelligent man I know who spent a lot of money to learn about the 1,700 modalities of demon-possession and how it shows up as medical illness. I hate to think of how much money he wasted on that. (He is a licensed and gifted health practitioner.) Some clues kept surfacing that his religious beliefs were more cult-like than life-navigational.

I've been listening to an audiobook by Steven Hassan, and I watched a documentary not long about 'The Family.' I've realized that I have encountered elements of subtle cult manipulations in America off and on throughout my life. After learning Steven Hassan's 'B.I.T.E.' model regarding cults, I made some conclusions. When I was a young man, I made significant life decisions based on manipulation. Those decisions disrupted my life's trajectory, which ultimately resulted in many bad choices and decisions.

Getting back to my friend, who is a licensed health practitioner. I will never forget him putting in an audio CD about demons and clinical diagnostics to listen to. About 2 minutes into it playing, I stopped it; laughed and said: 'Dude, you went to Berkley and you live in Oregon! You and I both know what is being described here is not demon possession. What is being described is a moderate to high dose magic mushroom trip.' He paused, chuckled, and acknowledged my diagnosis from an ancient bible story.

Standing there at Barnes and Noble, I began thinking of the 10 million US Citizens that are being misled. I thought of my friend, who was being trained in 'spiritual warfare.' I remember sharing with him some personal insights and experiences I've had on the subject about what most people do not know or understand. What my friend was describing was more mythology than fact. I have been where he was. I have dealt with the 'real' stuff. Anyone 'selling' this kind of thing will say that (laugh.) I was concerned about what he was starting to believe in and what he was going to create for himself than anything. It is a conversation that is not a casual one.

In my own spiritual journey, I often wrestle with what I have learned versus what is my role? I've spent a lot of my life trying to help and intercede in the lives of people I care about, and that generally is not the right approach to anything.

I had a relative who thought demons were living under their bed. It is an amusing story as I had demonstrated command over them in front of another family member. It isn't what you are thinking, someday I should write a book on my theories based on my real-life experiences on these matters.

I did share my insights with my friend using language and perspectives based on his Fundamentalist Christian beliefs. I should qualify that as his 'knowings.' What he was experiencing was real for him, and those he was involved with. What he does not understand is he and those around him created these things and experiences. People will argue with me about this. I am not saying that any of it is not real. I hesitate even mentioning any of it at all.

I will say that dealing with demons and devils is creepy, scary, and even dangerous to your own mind. Trying to implement ancient mythology as a factual authority makes excellent theater! Scaring the public results in tithes and offerings. None of that stuff was written to empower you; it was designed so that you would submit authority wanting command and domination over you.

To be fair, religious biblical language and authority created language and processes to describe things before there was science as we know it today. Science has proven placebo effect. Science has also confirmed that 'intention' impacts matter and some powerful quantum things. I use the word 'intention' rather than 'prayer.'

What angers many people is it is the human being's 'intention,' not their affiliation to any religion or belief system that results in an impact. That has destroyed all concepts of 'the only true way' manipulation, at least from a perspective of measurable science. The good news? Prayer works. The bad news? (Well, it is actually GREAT news.) An atheist's well wishes are just as valid as anyone else. It truly is a 'rubber-meets-the- road' situation.

Religions have value, but being better than anyone else is not a value add for any of them. That pisses off a lot of people in religious power of whom rake in millions, even billions of dollars a year. Many of these control the thoughts, minds, spirit, and most importantly (votes) of millions, if not billions of human beings around the world.

Religions today that are growing and not stagnant have become psycho-active entertainment. These religions combine brain-wave entrainment music, hypnotic word framing, pacing, and usage, with programmed staging a group experience (crowd psychology.) Add in peer to peer psychology (peer pressure - reward, punishment;) combine that with a spaced-repetition ideology centered around staged and intense emotional experiences...you begin to have a clue to some of the new, popular mainstream & global religious movements that do not make sense to anyone from the outside looking in.

This stuff is based in modern mind control psychology, which includes colors, intensity, and pacing of lighting used (theater has been setting the mood for centuries, but it is a science in modern times,) subsonic & hypersonic sound frequencies beyond the listening range of the human ear. Word usages designed to create conflict in the rational brain to deliver a subliminal message to the subconscious mind. We call it 'advertising'; all of this and more is part of the crafted experience of manipulation being used to exploit the modern human being.

It should be regulated, even against the law. Still, it is not because our political parties benefit from their deployment and influence. I am still learning about it, and I catch it boldly happening. It shows up as oddities nobody thinks about, but it sticks in people's minds as a mass influence.

I am not sure how to inspire people to learn about how to protect themselves and their own minds from these influences. People desperately want and need to believe things to the point of knowing it is true for them, even if it harms them and is based on false things.

Example: my friend wants to hire only fundamental Christians, and only work with fundamental Christian subcontractors, and intends to engage in Spiritual Warfare against demons and Satan! I did point out to him privately that what he was proposing wasn't honorable or ethical, even contrary to concepts of the country he loves. I had not considered he was being 'programmed.'

He is out there somewhere; I have lost track of him for a variety of reasons. He stopped responding to even my wishing him a Happy Birthday. Part of him enjoyed the fact I was authentic with him, but he did not enjoy it when I began calling him out on ethical lines he was crossing. I do recall he had an opportunity to balance a financial imbalance between us; he chose not to be honorable when he could have. I think that is when I realized a few things. I still like the guy because I know his heart. Sigh, more lessons are coming his way. Nothing I can do for him until he is willing. I won't be surprised when I get 'the call.'

I was thinking of all of these things while at Barnes and Nobel. It was a flood of thoughts, emotions, and insights.

I've always had that curse; some would call it a blessing. I would hear and see things clearly. (Well, except being dumber than a stump or blind as a bad without the sonar in my own personal and business life!) Looking around my world (our world), it is and has been a very frustrating life. I have helped many people privately navigate 'the shit,' but almost always, after having navigated my own 'shit' a few times to learn all about 'the shit' personally.

I've spent 10's of thousands of dollars learning from other people's experiences too; maybe 100's of thousands. Books, tapes, seminars, coaching, training. Then, when you are older, you do find out that a lot of shit is actually rigged. (Don't get me started.)

I wondered and looked at rows and rows of books, seeing hundreds of titles I had not read yet, and seeing dozens of titles I had.

I chuckled.

A little voice inside said, 'you really do need to write and publish your stuff.'

Me: 'I know...'

I smiled, the voice continued, 'and keep it simple, no need to complicate it!'

I sighed, left the store, shaking my head, thinking to myself, 'I wonder if I am going to be one of those old guys you see walking down the streets muttering to himself.'

...I just muttered out loud as I was exiting the store.

The voice inside 'You already are.'

fuck. :)

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