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Nov 4, 2019 - Grammarly Stats, History & Weird Humor - Log Entry 2

Only image of a Nun Available via Wix - Laugh


(Does not include stuff from my cell phone - laugh)

Productivity 97%

Grammar Mastery: 71% (Highest ever, 6 years ago, averaged 12%)

Vocabulary 99%

Listen, in High School, I sucked at 'English'; I 'A-c'd' in college because a Nun told me she'd flunk me until I got an A in her class. (She detected a pattern in my High School Transcripts! Damned Nun's demanding excellence! AND getting it!! (Thank you, Nuns!)

I know, you are like 'Nuns?' I went to a Catholic College (Clarke). It was the only school I could find where I could do 'computer programming' in my Freshman year. Clarke is a Great School, with Amazing History, and was quite progressive.

My college life was quite interesting.

Clarke was an 'all-girls' college up until about 1980 (ish). You have to realize that it was an epically progressive - period given the history of the enslavement of women. You can walk down the main hallway and find class pictures going back to the beginning.

These were pioneer Nuns and women. Serious - RESPECT - of which I was clueless. I liked the ratio of about 28 women for each man on campus. That was not why I chose the school, that was just a perk, and I was a naughty young man. I'll save that part of my story for my auto-biography.

There was one Nun there who didn't like 'men'; I am sure of it. I even remember her name; she taught calculus. Note to self, in the next life, never take a 7:30 am calculous class.

Sister J. M. G., I'll never forget asking for your help around a computer programming project for the school. I will always remember how you snubbed me, gave me a vicious piece of your man-hating points of view. I am sure you were pissed as hell that I did it anyway, didn't need your help, and did something never done before, AND, Clarke and I received National Recognition.

Had I had better business savvy back then, I could have turned that success into a multi-national-multi-billion dollar software development company!

I have learned that in our world and life, there is no lack of opportunity. Don't get me started, more content for my memoirs. My son Josh knows those stories, he laughs at me (as he should!)

Am I on the last leg of my life? (Maybe 90 if he's lucky!)

Have I just reached the halfway point? (110 years!)



Am I did I wrap up the first third of my journey on this life. (150 years)

Then there is the other option, my son Josh, he'll have my body taxidermied, and instead of 'Hey Google, it will be 'Hey Dad'. He was talking about downloading consciousness into AI years ago. That would be fitting, given my life history.

Josh, just make sure I have a nice 'cod-piece.' Maybe in a 2ndary two-way speaker down there so I can be a jackass as an AI even more so than in my life.

I have this idea about restoring the Red Wood Forests on the West Coast (If I win the BIG Lotto kind of thing.). Each tree would be a memorial to a human being, it would have an RFI type history chip, combined with some high tech so visitors could learn about the human nature of whos remains this tree recycled into a living memorial.

My other kids will be like 'whatever'.

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